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Three Reasons To Have A Tree Removed

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Trees do a lot for us. They improve our landscapes, and they are crucial to the life that we live by helping provide air. We really appreciate trees, and part of that appreciation is realizing that, sometimes, they need to be removed from where they are so that other trees can thrive, or to avoid property damage.

Tree removal isn’t our favorite service that we offer as a tree service company, but we realize that it’s a necessary one. Below, you’ll find three common reasons that you’d need to have a tree removed.

The Tree Is A Hindrance To Your Property

A healthy tree is constantly growing. Sometimes, that growth can encroach on structures such as utility lines and roof tops. When trees continue to grow in areas where they could damage these structures, it’s crucial to remove them to prevent damage to both the tree and your property.

The Tree Is Diseased

If a tree on your property is showing signs of disease, such as pests or fungi, give us a call immediately. This is a tree that needs to be removed right away to prevent further spread of the disease to other trees. That disease will also lead to weakening of limbs and tree death, which increases the risk of damage to your property if the tree is close to a building or other utilities.

The Tree Has Died

This reason speaks for itself. Dead trees are structurally weak hulls and need to be removed. Otherwise, you run the risk of inclement weather toppling them and causing damage to your property.

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